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For those of you who are familiar with my Feed The Boyfriends Campaign it is a initiative to get Sarah to be nice to boyfriends and stop poisoning their food. Part of my exercises have included communicating on a civil level to these creatures.

It has actually prompted interesting conversation and I have discovered that one paticular boyfriend, who was on the verge of dying by, well, something, is actually quite amusing.

Evidenced as follows:

Now may I brag… I have been requested by an area church, to create a music program, and train a worship leader. I have been endeavoring in this goal for some months now. Sound kinda impressive, right? Right…

Now for the rest of the story. So I walk into the church the first day and I meet two people that will forever be etched in my mind, such as a wood-burning tool would carve a scar into the butt of a horse.

Meet Joanne – who asked me what a dark note was...bringing to mind mental images of star wars or some demonic song. THE DARK NOTE.

Then there is Dave, who is otherwise known as Harry. The best of it is that his last name is “Swineheart.” He is the fattest, gentlest, stupidest, self-assumingist guy you will ever meet. He firmly believes that his voice rivals Frank Sonatra’s, and made me sit in his car for a half-an-hour listening to unaccompanied, self-recorded, songs that honestly caused me pain to listen to. He then looked at me with expecting eyes, and there was nothing else I could do but tell him he had potential.

I have a music session every two weeks, and the scum of the church show up, just to see how off they can pitch their notes. But as a good little child, I tell them they are doing wonderful… But, for real, they try, and they come to learn from me, I wouldn’t. I really truly am grateful for the opportunity. That was Pollyanna.

Don't worry, I am not completely letting him off the hook with such a amusing email, he will still be kept under careful watch.

Remember. Sarah. Is. Watching.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    "I’m so glad to have amused you master." Yes tacky, but necessary to maintain Sarah's assumed grip...yes I'll hear about this one.
    From, the fearful one

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