And This Is What Happens When I Have No Radio

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I think.

Scary stuff.

So. I am driving along to work, with no radio, cd player or clock. You ask why? Because my half-brother, who I have not seen in eight years came into town and after chatting merrily for three minutes, he needed something to keep him busy. So he offered to fix my stereo which has been having severe problems. In the fixing of the stereo he discovered it had been improperly installed and advised I get it professionally fixed. Since he kindly disconnected the fuse(? or was it something else electric that I do not understand?) I now have no radio, no clock and NO MUSIC to keep me from thinking.

So. That leads me to pondering what exactly we shall wear for family pictures. Since this brother has shown up, my father thought it prudent to get family pictures taken with all of us. All. Of. Us. That would be four whole children, two half children, two step children and a nephew. Plus the parentals. And yes, we plan our outfits before family pictures. Because we are just color coordinated like that. And normally, this task would not be such a challenge, except my hair is SO incredibly dark, that I have to think about these things. Not wanting to look goth in the family picture that will be preserved for decades to come.

And yes, these matters were weighing heavily on my mind. Leaving me quite thankful that I was not talking on two phones at the same time, as I was yesterday on my way home.

But, it allowed me to channel my wrath towards the lady who was trying to merge into my lane, but WOULDN'T merge. I hate that. I slowed down for her, and she WOULD NOT MERGE. No lady, I am not going to come to a complete stop just so you can inch your little Ford Focus hiney into traffic. And you had the NERVE to give me a dirty look when I drove past. I SLOWED DOWN FOR YOU! What ELSE to you expect me to do? GET IN YOUR CAR AND DRIVE IT FOR YOU? While I will freely admit I would do a vastly superior job, I AM BUSY DRIVING MINE. Thank you! While I can talk on two phones at the same time, I cannot, nor WILL I even ATTEMPT to drive two cars at once. I HOPE YOUR LITTLE, UGLY FORD HINEY GETS SMUSHED WHILE TRYING TO MERGE.

So, yeah. About that stereo. I really need to get it fixed.

Yes. I realize this is a written tribute to the accusations that our family (er, me) acts like we are on crack, without the slimming side effects.

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