Back Off Old Man, I AM Better Than You

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Several of us were sitting around chatting about how many cars we had out for the month, at the moment, I had the most cars out. When I expressed that I was displeased with the amount I had out a few people commented that I am too hard on myself. The perfunctory "it's still early in the month" sort of comments were made. I said that in order to meet goals you must stay AHEAD of the game.

Vodka Vinny started sputtering. He finally manages to spit out his grievance at me. "What do you think I am?! AN IDIOT! Your lecturing, a forty-eight year old man, ON HOW TO LIVE LIFE. And your just a silly little girl."

I looked at him, square in the eye and said: "No, Vinny, I am not lecturing you. I was simply commenting on how I sell cars. Actually, how I sold ten and a half cars last month, more than you have since June."

To add insult to injury for the poor inebriated fool management high-fived me for such a wise use of words.

2 Responses to “Back Off Old Man, I AM Better Than You”

  1. Blogger XxDarkDragonxX 

    Yeah I love how some older people think that because they have been there since the beginning of time that they re better.
    One of my good friends is a salesman at a GM Dealership. he loves it he also hates it.
    He was in IT with me, and then he switched into car sales.

    He tells me stories of ppl giving him shit kuz of this and that. Mostly about the car makes this noise or that noise.
    He just says "dammit man, I didn’t design the car im just the guy selling it, what do they want me to do, break out the welder?" I retorted with "yeah man you should, and then just weld the doors shut"

    But yeah working at a car dealership is different I know close to a dozen ppl that work in one,
    Its a different world.
    For sure.

    I like yer blog, don’t worry about the writing, I mean you can get blood from a stone. Sometimes we all get into a somewhat form of a writers block.
    Plus having the same thing over and over again becomes mundane and overused.

    At the heart of change is conflict. ive come to realize that lately.
    I’ll shad up now,
    as im taking up all yer comment space,


    p.s sorry for the dbl post

  2. Anonymous Gene 

    Well said.
    Check out my "revenge of the car salesmen" blog if you get a chance.

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