My Weekend, Abbreviated

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The only reason I am giving you an abbreviation is because my weekends are no longer two days, merely a piddly one day. So, Saturday night after I got off work TWO HOURS LATE, I left STRAIGHT from work and arrived five hours later after nearly running over a man and getting rather slightly lost in the godforsaken back roads of Virginia.

Unfortunately, I was not able to be privy to all the hilarity of the weekend but highlights did include:

Me running around in my underwear, and thus creating an argument between Princess and I as to whether they were mine or hers. (THEY WERE MINE!)

Queen-Of-Slackers feeding the dog more alcohol than was morally right. The dog is a lush who will drink out of people's cups on the sly.

Calling up Starbucks Boy and passing the phone around so everyone could get their two cents in.

Convincing Queen-Of-Slackers that crying to Coldplay for no reason at all was quite normal. I do it all the time.

Having Queen-Of-Slackers and Princess rip the bikini off my body and leave me shivering in bed.

Watching Barbie eat a entire bag of Fritoes and then wonder why her stomach hurt.

Clinging to Twiglet, Queen-Of-Slackers , Princess and Barbie while watching the dumbest movie ever and screaming appropriately and waving our legs in the air at all the scary parts... and the unscary parts... and every time a door was opened.

Driving home with Barbie and Princess while being stalked by Bubba whose license plate said "Baygin".

Screaming "PRAISE JESUS!" and throwing our hands into the air everytime we passed a church while driving home with Barbie and Princess.

I will miss Princess. But that doesn't mean we still can't have good times...

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