Laughing Hysterically And Cringing At The Same Time

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I have been thoroughly cleaning my room this week, a feat in and of itself. But, while cleaning, I found a non-rhyming poem that was written by the chicken farming mogul I dated quite some time back. For those of you who do not know of whom I am speaking, be quite glad.

He wasn't a bad fellow, just a little... chicken-farmer-ish. He gave me this poem after we had gone on, maybe, two or three dates. He is getting married this March. Upon finding this poem, I thought about having it written up and framed for him, but decided against it.

Here it is. So you can laugh and let your skin crawl, with me.

This must be a dream forming an unbreakable team
It can be called fate. I am so lucky to have gotten one date.
We both are so young, I thought words could never leave my tounge
These words that come to mind were so very easy to find
When I'm with you all my worries dissappear and I have seem to lose all fear.
We go so well together, I feel light as a feather
When I first saw you my heart skipped a beat.
The sound of your voice knocked me off my feetI know my words are very, very bold. but fate has started to unfold.
The wave of your hair and shape of your face could never be erased
Your mind, body and soul so pure,
This is the work of the Lord for sure.
We fit so well together. There is no storm we cannot weather.
I hope you don't consider my words phony
The two of us together will never be lonely
I will never let you fall, and relationship never to stall
I know you have been hurt in the past
I will give you my living, making a love to last.
I promise to stand by your side
We will get over every bump on this ride.
I could write lines that go on forever.
I will end this hoping a love will grow forever.

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