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Right now it feels like someone has taken to chiseling at the back of my head and right behing my brow bone. My eyes burn. My sinuses ache.

The funny thing is--I'm not even sick. This is what happens when I work too much and get too little sleep.

I feel awful for neglecting the few people I actually come in contact with outside of work--ya'll.

I realize how incredibly silly that statement sounded, but it's true.

I promise I'll have vaguely funny bits for you later.

2 Responses to “Apoligies”

  1. Anonymous jon37 

    Promises promises.
    I demand funny things NOW!

  2. Anonymous Sparkle 

    eh, being neglectd isn't so bad... You grow accustomed to the mundane, things that you have come to expect. not saying I expect that from you! Well actually, lol I am kinda expecting that from everythone right now. I'm on to another surgery this week with talk of other treatment options... you may not have even wanted to know, but that's my update for now. if you or stef find time I do actually answer my phone. alas, everyone has their busy times. take care of yourself. good luck with work and getting your scarf back.

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