Perhaps This Is Why Long Flowing Curls Are Encouraged?

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Sometimes I accidentally stumble on just the right combination. I wake up late, cold and uncreative. So I curl my hair, throw in a fuzzy sweater and simple skirt. Two things I have learned while working in a all-male business:

Men love softness and curls.

Whenever I curl my hair, I get more than my fair share of unwanted attention. I deal with this by ignoring anyone I work with who gives me this attention and simply exploiting the customers who find me attractive. However. Today there was this gentleman from Turkey.

You have to understand, my Mother lived in Turkey for awhile and has warned us of the lechorios tendancies of Turkish men. Well, of all men from the Middle East in general.

It wasn't the greatest combination to begin with. The salesman that hits on me the most and a Turkish man? They walk past my office and the Turk visably leers. The salesman offer to introduce me. He does, as our "beautifully randiant business manager". Wow. Quite the introduciton. (This is, after all, the salesman who mentioned to me this morning that my hair looked SO much better down, rather than harshly pulled back.) I go to shake the Turk's hand, but he clasps mine and starts pulling it towards his lips...

I firmly snatch away. I make polite conversation. Mention my mother lived in Turkey. He nods, smiles hugely and begins chattering away. I cannot really understand what the guy is saying, but nod and smile. I continue mindlessly nodding and smiling, even though he is blatently leering at me, until I here the words "so, you come to Turkey with me? Yes? YES? SHE NODDED, YES!"

Eh. It appears I'll be going to Turkey or I'll be shot for lying.

2 Responses to “Perhaps This Is Why Long Flowing Curls Are Encouraged?”

  1. Anonymous steelcowboy 

    Hm.... did I mention that I need a new car? :)

  2. Anonymous Porkchop 

    Provided you won't try to lick my arm from elbow to shoulder...

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