I {heart} The South

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I've fastideously claimed my East Coast roots. I absolutely adore the mid-atlantic. We're close to so much. Historic towns, major cities, prestigeous universities. I'll argue long and hard about it being the best place to live.

Where I live is pretty indifferent on the whole blue versus grey issue. We have a few that think they are southern and a few that are die hard northern. But for the most part you have people who don't care. (After all, we were a mixed state during the civil war.) You can tell I am a yankee. I talk fast. I drive like a maniac. I eat sushi.

But this week, I'm staying down south on business. I must say, I absolutely love it. The southern influences of both my parents and a dedicated friend are slowly appearing. Much to the chagrin of my sister when I get home, I am not fighting it.

My rental car for the week is a truck. I've taken great delight in driving with the windows rolled down and the country music cranked up. I smile at people. I sit patiently in traffic. I talk to strangers. I eat boiled peanuts and drink beer.

Don't worry. I haven't given up all my wretched ways. Just last night, per my warning, a forward McFucker got an open handed smack across the face. (When I say "don't touch me again or I'll slap you" I mean it.) But, to balance things out, I stopped to help a guy push his smoking and spewing car out of five o'clock traffic.

Despair not. I have yet to say fixin'.

Lest you think I am an absolute sham (which my southern accent is entirely) my grandparents were from Mississippi and my Daddy is from Virginia. I do live only a few miles north of the Mason-Dixon line.

I suppose all this is meant to say, I guess we all suprise ourselves.

5 Responses to “I {heart} The South”

  1. Anonymous joy 

    You can have the south, I'll be the token Northern bitch of the family, even if it is only by four blocks.

  2. Anonymous QOS 

    I'm so proud of you darling!

    Tonight would you grab a piece of cracklin' bread, crack open a Natty Lite and think of me?

  3. Anonymous Vulgar Wizard 

    *whispers that she says fixin'*

  4. Anonymous Vulgar Wizard 

    *shudders* ew, Natty Lite...

  5. Anonymous Porkchop 

    I didn't mean to confuse you! What I meant to say was that I got to slap a guy across the face, which I imagine, is just as satisfying as throwing a drink in his face.

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