Drinking Death's

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I would link to the article I read in the paper this morning, but it just so happens that our local newspaper's website sucks, terribly. I digress.

The article that provoked a bit of cog turning in my brain, was that on the death of several college students due to blood alcohol poisoning, as well as the usual druken driving deathes. The article spoke of colleges who sought ways to discourage young people from inbibing too much alcohol and ways they can encourage them to "know their boundries." It spoke of education programs, incentative programs and other things. Citing that young people were "exploring their boundries" and "evolving into adults."

I am so sorry, call me old-fashioned, but what happened to kicking young people out for breaking the law? I have a brilliant plan, encourage the franternities and sororities to keep things legal. Tell young people that breaking laws have consiquences.

Don't get me wrong, I too realize that drinking underage is against the law and every time I do that I am risking jail-time. (Which is why, I have of late, abstained.) But I did not cite that I was merely playing the part of a healthy college student.

Maybe I am just sheltered or something.

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