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Everytime I try this whole business of being a nice person, I have the WORST days ever. It's like clockwork.

For instance, today I wore and all-black outfit and managed to wear NAVY hose. I am also sitting in my corner of the office, nursing a cold and working through a box of tissues like the Kleenex Eating Demon From Hell. The heat is also broked in our office, thus, I am exposed to large drafts of cold air up the skirt. And this, is only the beginning.

I think if I am going to sound pathetic I need to try a little harder.

7 Responses to “Without Fail”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Poor Sarah. Had a bad day?? Perhaps its your frame of mind. Pulled "Wedding from..."?? Was it a pack of lies?? No courage of your convictions?? You are one sick child who is in desparate need (of what I am not sure) Perhaps to many things to mention. Like friends, love, character, integrity. The list could go on and on.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    you had a bad day 'cause your tights didn't match your dress? I'm sure there are millions of people who wish their *good* days were that bad...

  3. Blogger Dave 

    Yeah, and that goes for everyone of you with little problems that use blogs to joke about them with your friends who know you, and know your not serious. So remember kids if any of you ever reads a blog from a COMPLETE STRANGER and see something in there you don't like, feel free to post anonymously and degrade them in whatever way you like.

  4. Blogger sam 

    I can understand sarcasm, outrage and anger. Why don't you reveal your identity? Isn't the objective to reconcile the erring brother (sister) ? Or is the objective to say, " I hurt, I have pain"
    I often enjoy Dick Rohm's letter's to the editor. he makes no excuses for his outrageous opinions, acknowledges them as such, and does not hide behind anonymity. If you are a Christian, and I presume so, then you have an imbedded relentless pursuit of the truth, installed there by the Holy Spirit. And if not, then . . . you will ultimately self destruct.

  5. Blogger Rick 

    our bad days are all relative, aren't they? mine started by having to go to the office on a vacation day, only to find that there were multiple issues and i was the only person from my group in the office that early. my mind is mush.

    and no, i know there are people all over dealign with worse. but when it's you and your bad day, you deal a little more locally, don't you?

    feelin' it for ya.

  6. Blogger adsales2003 

    OK, do not listen to the above comments, I found your posts very entertaining.

  7. Blogger Walker 

    Hi Sarah. Don't try to be nice . Be yourself for that day .If you feel like being nice then be nice . If you feel like being bitchy then be a bitch just be anything that makes you happy .Get well soon.

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