I Am My Dad's Youth Biting Him In The Proverbial Butt

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Last night at dinner:

Dad: So, Porkchop, did you get a ticket today?

Porkchop: (knowing perfectly well he had read my blog and was inquiring as such)No.

Dad: Yesterday?

Porkchop: No.

Dad: (beginning to get puzzled) The day BEFORE?

Porkchop: No.

Pageant Barbie: Um, Dad, that was FRIDAY. SO old news. And a few tickets ago.

A Few Days Ago:

Porkchop: By the way, just thought I would let you know I am going to NYC at the end of the month. Just in case you would be wondering where I went.

Dad: To do? Why?

Porkchop: ToSellMyBodyOnTheStreetsToPayForCollege

Dad: (ignores me)

Two minutes later

Dad: So why are you going to NYC?

Porkchop: ToSellMyBodyOnTheStreetsToPayForCollegeAndPrehapsExploreCareerOptions

Dad: (eyes widen slightly) *silence*

A Few Weeks Ago:

Driving down the road, Dad mentions something about the beauty of speeding on the road we live on. Straight, flat and no cops.

Porkchop: It makes it quite simple to find out the top speed for all our vehicles.

Dad: That IS true

Porkchop: A even BETTER place to speed is the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, supposedly there are cops on there, but I never saw any.

Dad: Well, they won't stop you unless they REALLY have a reason.

Porkchop: I think 125 mph is a pretty good reason.

His one comfort is that I will one day have children. One day.

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