A Fellow Car Enthusiast

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The beautiful thing about The Brother In Law is that he drools over cars WITH me. We can prattle on all day about paddle shifting, tiptronic shifting and manuel shifting. I can gloat about the supiority of the import and the rapidly diminishing inferiority of the domestic. I can blather about front versus real wheel drive.

In short--my closet motor head can come out.

My sisters are very patient when I get excited about cars, but after two seconds, their eyes glaze over and they begin visibly twitching. To say they simply put up with it is a understatement. However, The Brother In Law not only enthusiastically joins in, debating, comparing and commenting, but he can quickly put me in my place.

I probably only enjoy this so very much because I never had older brothers with which to do this, so I'm sure your a little baffled as to my great delight. To sum it up: he is a great sport. Even if he does enjoy driving and staring at trees for hours on end. I won't hold it against him.


6 Responses to “A Fellow Car Enthusiast”

  1. Anonymous Jared 

    I just found the new Camaro

    Talk about drool!

  2. Anonymous joy 

    I thought they discontinued the Camaro?

  3. Anonymous Jared 

    The word Camaro is a link!

  4. Anonymous Jared 

    Coming back 2009

  5. Anonymous pukey 

    dang. that IS hot!

  6. Anonymous Porkchop 

    Jared-- Looks like the Dodge Charger SHOULD have. Whose idea was it to take a two door car and remake it as a four? Whoever it was, should be shot.

    Joy-- Thankfully, the new one looks NOTHING like the old.

    Pukey-- Even though Jared used to drive a old Camero (gag) we have to sort of give him half points for taste since he is now related to us.

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