Once A Workaholic, Twice As Likely To Hate It

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Today was my first review. I found out that I am doing a good job. I found out that I am getting a raise. And I also found out that I am now expected to work 50+ hours a week. This does not make me happy. At all.

There was a time in my life where I loved being a workaholic, but when forced into it? I rebel. Besides, now I am old and wise and realize there is more to life than money. (Really!)This has given me much displease. I stew in my anger.

CoolBlackShoes: hi! i am a person forced into involunatiry workaholicism
CoolBlackShoes: you know, being a workaholic is fun when you WANT to be one
jjoyful00: sniffle
jjoyful00: well, you WILL be making twice as much money
CoolBlackShoes: super
jjoyful00: so, an increase in 10 hours for double the pay isn't that bad
CoolBlackShoes: i'll be making twice as much money
CoolBlackShoes: selling my soul
CoolBlackShoes: hating every minute
CoolBlackShoes: wishing i could be home reading and drinking tea
CoolBlackShoes: WITH YOU
CoolBlackShoes: i love the way they tell me:you are fully entitled to one weekend a month
CoolBlackShoes: like I'm some underpriviledged child who gets to see the sunlight once a year. LIKE A WORM WHO NEVER SEES THE SUN.
CoolBlackShoes: a WHOLE WEEKEND!!!!!
jjoyful00: wimper
jjoyful00: i will miss thee
CoolBlackShoes: i love how they prattle
CoolBlackShoes: "yes, your definately going places in 3-5 years i can see you running your own department"
CoolBlackShoes: well, super!
CoolBlackShoes: paticularly because finance departments aren't normally over THREE PEOPLE
CoolBlackShoes: so let me sell my health and youth for some BENJAMINS
CoolBlackShoes: let me never take more than three holidays a year
jjoyful00: rofl
CoolBlackShoes: let me smack my own mother over the head JUST TO MAKE MONEY
CoolBlackShoes: let me make my mother wish she had never brought such a money grubbing sucker into the world
CoolBlackShoes: for the next five years
CoolBlackShoes: 24! big friggity deal
CoolBlackShoes: a finance director at 24!!
CoolBlackShoes: whoooohooOO!
CoolBlackShoes: i'm feeling very bitter
CoolBlackShoes: and angry
CoolBlackShoes: though, i'm not sure why
CoolBlackShoes: considering i just got a raise
CoolBlackShoes: perhaps there is something very, very wrong with me?
jjoyful00: rofl
jjoyful00: well, there is something very, veyr funny about you
CoolBlackShoes: lol
CoolBlackShoes: i'm glad you find it funny
CoolBlackShoes: considering you will PROBABLY NEVER SEE ME AGAIN
CoolBlackShoes: and if you do, it will be a pathetic quaking skelton, huddled in her bed, trying to catch a few precious hours of sleep before she heads back to AUZWITCH
CoolBlackShoes: (i know i didn't spell that correctly)
CoolBlackShoes: because i will barely have time to SLEEP inbetween the slaughtering of the INNOCENT. CHOPPING UP CHILDREN TO FEED TO THE LIONS.

Also, in my review I was informed by my boss that in the last three months he had been "giving me way too much work. [he] was trying to see if you would break. You didn't! Congratulations!"

What I find so amusing about this is that I am normally quite bored at work. So, now I will have much more free time on my hands AND they just installed a firewall, so almost everything, but blogger, is inacessable. All my sisters blogs. My blog. My email. EVERYTHING.

I'm pretty psyced about all this, because, if I do decide to go jump off a cliff NO ONE WILL MISS ME SINCE I AM NEVER HOME.

4 Responses to “Once A Workaholic, Twice As Likely To Hate It”

  1. Anonymous Fredrick 

    Hey, remember that CD of, ahem, angry music? It's for moments like this. I swear, there is nothing, NOTHING more theuraputic then visualizing at the top of your lungs:

    "You faggots keep egging me on
    until I have you at knifepoint, then you beg me to stop?
    SHUT UP! Give me your hands and feet
    I said SHUT UP when I'm talkin to you

    Anyway. You should use it. Relieves stress.

    Oh, remind me to make an appointment with my shrink.


  2. Anonymous steelcowboy 

    Funny, I struggled for years to reach the top of the mountain; and when I arrived, I noticed that my X wasn't there, nor my children. . . I had sacrificed them at the altar of the green. I thought I was doing it all for them, so they could live in luxury. Instead, I found that the very thing they wished for was what I had been unable to give them;

  3. Anonymous Porkchop 


    I did listen to angry music once I left work, but while AT work I have to listen to soothing strains of classical. Obstensibly, for the customers, but we all know it's so I won't become noticably violent.

    Steel Cowboy--

    Very true. Nor do I want to sacrifice my education or opportunities. Money is nice... but not at that price.

  4. Anonymous Memphis Steve 

    So, they installed a firewall and everything is blocked EXCEPT blogger? Did I get that right?

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