With All Good Comes A Little Annoyance

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As luck would have it as soon as I took my computer into The Store Full Of Slowness and Stupidity aka Best Buy aka The Store That Has Quite Possibly The Worst Service Plan Known To Man aka The Store That Makes Me Wish I Could Go Back In Time And Buy A Mac aka You Get The Idea aka I Don't Remember What I Am Talking About Anymore.

Back to my story.

As soon as my computer decided to become demonic and be sent in for three weeks of sorcery, my iPod became available. Thus, giving me a sleek music producing device with no computer to sync it to.

So, this gives me three weeks to contemplate a name for my deliciously sleek and sexy little iPod. It is black. With a very large color screen.

What think ye?

I was thinking something along the lines of:

The Anti-Christ

My technological equipment always gives me a frightful amount of trouble. Case in point, I just found out yesterday that insurance was dropped on my phone because I have had it replaced I so many times. WHY GOD, WHY!?! I have a sister who has had her iPod replaced FIVE TIMES, yet I cannot get insurance on a measly phone.

Or perhaps I should name it Crumpet. Highly symbolic of the fact I have become incredibly boring as of late. West Wing reruns, knitting and tea. Lots of tea.

Perhaps I should name it Baby Porkchop because I am convinced this is the closest I will ever come to having children. That would be so fitting! It's black, like the devil and decietfully shiny.


Or I could just come right out and call it: The Spawn of Satan.

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