Coming To A Drugstore Near You To Steal All Your Medication

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Porkchop amuses herself. Porkchop took a helpful little test that told her she very possibly has moderate ADHD.

The reason this makes Porkchop laugh is because she is quite possibly one of the calmer family members. Everyone else is neurotically smart and equally hyper.

Interesting factoid: Porkchop was recently informed that referring to oneself in the the third person is a sign that they are "unhinged".

Interesting factoid II: Porkchop not only adores third person conversations, they make her laugh uncontrollably.

Interesting conclusion: Porkchop is unhinged and unfocused.

8 Responses to “Coming To A Drugstore Near You To Steal All Your Medication”

  1. Anonymous jon37 

    Porkchop is as porkchop does

  2. Anonymous Mikey 

    "Knowing is half the battle" - GI Joe

  3. Anonymous vdoprincess 

    Porkchop's family laughs at her claim that she is one of the calmer members of the family. However, they are not surprised at the analysis, as most of the rest of the family quite probably has the same affliction.

  4. Anonymous joy 

    Um, just so everyone knows, the ONLY reason she took that test was because she heard taking hyperactivity meds when you don't need them has an effect similar to crack and I told her that even if she managed to get me diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, I wouldn't share my Percecet.

  5. Anonymous joy 

    Because apparently, Joy is not only unhinged, she's selfish, too.

  6. Anonymous steelcowboy 

    That's why we luv ya, darlink...

  7. Anonymous porkchop 

    j. does this mean the old porkchop seems to be back? is this GOOD?

    m. but if i nokw. doesn't that mean i have to change?!


    j. not true! i wanted to know if my lack of studying was perhaps because i need help.

    j. and we're suprised. WHY?

    sc. aww. well. someone does.

  8. Anonymous Fredd 

    Joy, do you really take ADHD meds? And Sarah, did you take a Real Test or an Online Test? They tell me that Online Tests are inaccurate because they don't get a proper median value, (example: when taking an online IQ test, you will always appear smarter than you really are) but, what do I know..

    ..anyway. So you have moderate ADHD. Though I suspect you do not have any Hyperactivity, the Attention Deficit can be a good thing: it can help inspire new thoughts and solutions! (though it absolutly sucks while writing term papers..

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