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I have never been terribly fond of Ruth Ann Miner, the illustrious good ole gal govener of Delaware, but today brought me severe consternation and alarm as I was listening to a radio ad touting her.

Granted, no one likes election time radio ads, but if we have to listen to them, they might as well be good. I do not know who her campaign advisor is, they are either on crack or should revert to their former day job as caberet singer. Never, in my short little life have I heard such wretched campaign ads.

Everyone who knows anything about marketing knows you must stay upbeat and positive. Her entire ad stated the quotes which she "had not said" which Bill Lee claims she did say, and what the truth was according to her.

WHAT ARE THEY THINKING? Giving word for word quotes from opposition, on THEIR precious airtime?? It gives the Bill Lee's statements validity to even acknowledge them! Furthermore, it made Ruth Ann look like a even bigger, fatter and more bumbling idiot, because Bill Lee's statements were much closer to the truth than Ruth Ann's.

Do they not realize they need to be showcasing and highlighting everything wonderful she has done for the past two terms? Or term? WELL, MAYBE THEY CAN'T BECAUSE SHE HAS DONE NOTHING GOOD! Did I ever tell you about her plan to stop domestic abuse? I kid you not, I did not make this up, I read it in the paper. Ruth Ann's proactive plan is to train all cosmotoligist's in domestic abuse counseling under the reasoning that everyone talks to their hairdressers. Rather than pointing out the rather obvious flaws, I will simply make the statement that I never talk to my stylist except to grunt commands, I am otherwise buried in a chick-slick.


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