Tribute to Courage

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All personal information that you provide here will be governed by the Privacy Policy of More... defines courage as: That quality of mind which enables one to encounter danger and difficulties with firmness, or without fear, or fainting of heart; valor; boldness; resolution.

I would like to give a tribute to people who sacrifice themselves for better causes, for bigger dreams and to generally help themself become a greater person even when it is painful. I have talked before of my appreciation for admirable people, men and women who sacrifice their lives for their country and the freedoms we enjoy, people who dedicate themselves to a cause and the general acts of selfless courage and bravery that occur every day.

But what is often overlooked, are the individuals who make personal sacrifices because they are so determined to achieve goals and dreams, these are not achievements for themselves and their personal glory, but these are hopes and plans to help others. And it is in their quest to help others that they sacrifice personal pleasure for greater rewards.

It is out of tradition that I post something significant whenever my sister decides to break up with a boyfriend, but this is far more than a boyfriend-schmuck-ass bashing post, this is a tribute to my lovely sister who has chosen the greater and bigger rewards than having a temporal boyfriend.

While he is a very nice guy, sort of, even occasionally sending her very ugly flowers, he is not the best thing she could have and he is hindering her. Instead of getting hung up, weighed down and distracted by a temporal distraction, she has chosen the higher road. Knowing that if she did not, her plans of changing the world, impacting young people and touching lives would be much dampered.

So, here is a toast to Joy! The brave, the fearless and the dedicated sister who realized life is bigger than a boyfriend and chose people over a person.

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  1. Blogger joy 

    Awww *sniffle* thanks dear

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