Subconscious Speaking

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Today has been a monumental day. I have realized that in a past life, I was a Paint Sniffing Addict, or worse. But for the sake of my future children and children's children, we will leave it at the addict bit. Please, dear Grandchildren, do not think I stumbled upon this information purposely, I was merely a victim of my own circumstances and was a Big Enough Person to acknowledge it. My inner and deeper urges have finally crept out FOR ALL TO SEE THEM.

This morning, I brought in a few small objects that needed to be spray painted. Not wanting them or the paint to freeze, I carefully unfolded newspapers and laid them out on my office floor. I proceeded to spray paint not one, but FOUR SMALL OBJECTS. In a confined space. Without ventilation. Like I was some sort of Air Filtering Goddess. Can someone tell me WHAT THE HELL I WAS THINKING?

This little testimonial has Drug Addict Red Flags plastered ALL OVER IT. Since I am such a neurotic control freak, why would I allow newspapers to be spread on my office floor? Or SPRAY PAINT used in my office? Why would I ALLOW myself to get the world's biggest headache?

I am not sure if this is my lungs or my subconscious, but something is screaming SARAH NEEDS HELP, SARAH NEEDS HELP, SARAH NEEDS HELP and running around in little circles.

Perhaps I will save myself the inquisitions later by breaking into my Giant Marker Supply.

3 Responses to “Subconscious Speaking”

  1. Blogger Dave 

    my have alot of time on your hands

  2. Blogger QOS 

    I think you must really, really, really need help.

    You are becoming repetitive. Progressively funnier, but going in circles nonetheless.

  3. Blogger Porkchop 

    Your right. I do.

    My boss has been sick all week. And even though I have screwed up completely and totally, I have managed to finish all my work. Early.

    So. I. Am. Tired. And. Bored.

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