Why Must I Care?

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I have been cursed with the (occasional) desire to know what people think. Not always. Not all subjects. But paticularly with issues as shallow as my looks. Most specifically, my haircolor.

There are two schools of thought. Well, two main schools of thought. The blondes versus the brunettes.

Those who lobby for my childhood color contend that it makes me look thinner. As well as sweeter and younger. Those who campaign for the brunette argue that it makes my eyes stand out and that I look gorgeous.

There are drawback to both. As a blond, I am instantly stereotyped. Blond hair, check! Big boobs, check! IQ below 40, check! As a brunette, I am thought to be more intelligent, but alloof.

What angers me most is the fact that I care! Why can't I just pick a haircolor and GO with it?! I've been brunette for the past few years and I thought it might be nice to go blonde for awhile. As we know, that hasn't started out well. That and the staunch brunette defenders are making me question the entire process.

Why can't I be secure enough in myself to not care? Why can't I just grow a backbone and pick a damn color and be happy with it? WHY DO I TAKE THIS SO PERSONALLY?

I think I'll shave my head. And wear wigs. Then everyone can be happy.

7 Responses to “Why Must I Care?”

  1. Anonymous pukey 

    darling -

    that might actually be better than constantly whining to your friends about the fact that you have no clue what to do with yours.

  2. Anonymous Clint Williams 

    Wow - please don't shave your head? I mean, look at Natalie Portman - the girl is obsessed with the shaved head and she looks UGLY.

    Any color is fine - just leave the hair. :-)

  3. Anonymous pukey 

    interesting. someone told me just yesterday that I should go for the Natalie Portman 'do. As in, the one on the cover of this month's Vogue.

  4. Anonymous Mikey 

    You have to have the face for short hair because not everyone can rock it and look proper.

    I have to say that the puke princess could for sure look proper.

  5. Anonymous jon37 

    Red. Bright flaming red.

    Everyone would know to stay away from your temper and leave you in peace!

  6. Anonymous DarthFredd 

    Pink! Remember pink? That was awesome, you were so punk-awesome! Also, it totally pwns the other two schools of thought!

  7. Anonymous Vulgar Wizard 


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