'twas a loverly birthday

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given the recent controversy as to whether i am nice enough to people, i was amazed at the outpouring of kindness on my birthday. since i had to (of course) work a very long day on my birthday, there was a steady stream of people into my office. one sister decorated my office to it looked as if the birthday fairy vomited--everywhere. confetti, helliumed balloons, cards, posters, a crown and a blinking button i was forced to wear all day. one sister (and her husband) sent me flowers which are most gorgeous. the other sister brought me coffee and a delicious chocolate maggott cupcake. (she also procured lovely company for the evening after work, who graciously footed the bill for all of us.) my stepgrandmama brought me a gift as well as warm coconut bread. my stepmother visited. my daddy visited me and brought flowers. my little brother visited me and helped me channelmyrage/makefunofeveryoneiworkwith. a bank sent me flowers. the accounting department gave me a gift and threw me a mini birthday part complete with brownie sundaes. a good friend brought me lunch. two of my favorite starbucks baristas hand-delevered coffee and pastries (which i am currently reheating). my bestiefriendy finally showed her face after being out of the country for six long weeks. a salesman sent me flowers. a family friend popped by, with children and drawings. a salesman bought me lunch.

it was very lovely. i was overwhelmed. a good part of my thanks is directed to the sister who alerted everyone to the fact it was my birthday so they would be nice to me. heh.

i have plenty of thank you notes to write.

3 Responses to “'twas a loverly birthday”

  1. Anonymous le lauryl lane 

    i'm glad you had such a jolly birthday. sounds like people like you. a lot. ;) btw, just saw a picture of you for the first time, and i'm not one to go around telling people that they are beautiful (because, of course, i consider myself and my sisters the standard measure of all beauty)... but you're effing gorgeous. just in case you didn't know. cheerio!

  2. Anonymous Memphis Steve 

    Happy Birthday! Some day you'll be as old as me. Yeah, you think you're mean to people now? Wait until you get out of your 20s.

  3. Anonymous steelcowboy 

    Well, I am late, but happy birthday young lady. May God smile upon you this, and every, day :)

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