so upset i can't sleep

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i hate losing things. i HATE losing things. i'm one of those people who cannot fully function if they know they have lost/misplaced something.

tonight i lost my purse.

i am horridly tired, but cannot sleep. i actually have pains in my chest. i have cried like a baby. i have prayed. i have begged God. i have bargained with God. no avail. i am trying to piece together a plan, but really, everytime i think about it, i just want to scream and cry.

i'd rather KNOW where it was. in the belly of a fire breathing dragon. crushed in a jersey waste plant. whatever! better than guessing/hoping/worrying.

now i need to cancel my credit cards, replace my credit cards, replace all my(dual state) id's, replace my social security card, replace my sales license, replace my priceless vintage clutch, replace my several lipsticks and lipliners, replace my checkbook. REPLACE MY WHOLE FREAKING LIFE.


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  1. Anonymous Ashley 

    It was not the daisy vintage clutch purse I hope?!? Gosh, sweetie... so sorry this happened!

  2. Anonymous kelly m in PA 

    oh girl...


    I can't imagine..

    well in a way once i can...went to Bw3's one night with friends....young and dumb was I....

    left purse in booth....

    FREAKED out upon arrival home...

    went 90 lie! 90...on back COUNTRY Roads that i knew get to a place 40 minutes away faster....much faster.....

    like in half the time....

    2 am...purse of course....POOF! gone.... where was that busser that cleaned the table?!? Staff was oblivious....

    foolish cards.....a new $$ purse, SS card still needs replaced....and the dumbest thing of all?!....i had about over 300 of cash on me.....

    yep cashola!

    sigh. i sped home to cancel cred cards.....

    2 nights ago I misplaced my keys...thought i had dropped them somewhere outside on my way in the house...or in the car trunck?! under the seats?! Where are my flippin keys! 3 hour search...dead tired....without a prayer....i muttered a Help me LORD...Help me....if that counts.... and my mother has found them 3 days later....

    man....hope all of that mess gets replaced with relative ease...sorry girl

  3. Anonymous Clint 

    I have to wonder why you had your Social Security card in your purse. :-/

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