Bad Omen

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There was no fortune in my Fortune Cooky.

Does that mean I have NO luck? Or just a absence of GOOD luck? Or does it mean I will be plagued with hundreds of children under the age of three?

I am very worried.

5 Responses to “Bad Omen”

  1. Blogger Rick 

    means that you transcend the need for luck in all of your destined glory.

    or you're screwed. get those confused sometimes.

  2. Blogger Richard Nixon 

    "does it mean I will be plagued with hundreds of children under the age of three?"

    Only if your a day care worker, otherwise Rick is right. Rick probably is right as is right of left, or politically right of center or a rightwinger, or....Aww now I've confused myself.....

    And as for your disclaimer;the new white meat: think pork, not pink ......that is just darn mean ;)

  3. Blogger QOS 

    What it means is that you had a WONDERFUL fortune. So good, that someone stole it out of your cookie.

    You will meet a tall, handsome, sensitive man who will worship your every word, thought, and action. You do not have to marry him, but he will pay for your dinners and movie tickets.

  4. Blogger Porkchop 

    Mean? How is that MEAN? DO YOU WANT ME TO BE MEAN?

    Actually, people often ask WHERE ON EARTH DID I GET THAT BLOG NAME? Various reasons, but namely, it was something my sisters had not covered and I see no danger of them having a affinity for pork, ham or piglets for that matter.

    Pink, which was MY color, was stolen by a sister and claimed as HER color. I was unable to steal it back, and quite miffed about it I might add, so I generated a name so completely random, it was almost funny. So there you have it, hardly mean, only trying to preserve a scrap of dignity.

    Well, that is my answer for today. As me any other day, who know what I might say.

  5. Blogger golfwidow 

    On an episode of Food Network's Unwrapped, one of the biggest mass-manufacturers of fortune cookies in the United States claimed that, if you get a cookie without a fortune, you should open another cookie immediately, because the fortune in the next cookie will automatically come true.

    I'm not sure I'd want that, though. Ninety-nine percent of the fortune cookies I get don't have fortunes, they only have tips.

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