Incredibly Proud

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I do believe, I get a cookie. Or a gold star. At least a WILKIE BUTTON!

I watched the Super Bowl. The whole freaking thing. Including the half-time show, pre-game show and all the stupid commercials. I even managed to cheer when "my" team would make touchdowns.

We will ignore the small fact the only reason I found a team to cheer for was because their quarterback was rather good looking and I knew someone I despised was cheering for the Eagles.

So, I am shallow, but at least I had the strength of character to make it through such a debacle.

I think I get an extra football-shaped star in my crown in heaven

4 Responses to “Incredibly Proud”

  1. Blogger QOS 

    Made it in for the 3rd quarter. I cheered for the Eagles. Because I couldn't remember who the other team was.

  2. Blogger TSG 

    You see, this sort of thing is exactly what makes me think that the really hot girls in the Coors Light commercials don't exist. They just don't. They don't drink beer (although Coors Light can hardly be construed as beer), they don't eat hot dogs (even veggie dogs), they don't wear really short shorts to games / barbecues... it's a fucking scam.

    So, what ever happened to truth in fucking advertising? Eh?

  3. Blogger Chad 

    It's too bad Tom Brady (the quarterback from the winning team) carries around a man purse (European handbag). Whatever it's called, he is definately metro-sexual, maybe even...well, let's not go there.

  4. Blogger Pauly 

    Sorry you had to endure 3 hours of excrutiating drivel. I was oe of 7 men nationwide who refused to watch the nonsense. Even my wife and daughter went to a Stupor-Bowl party. I on the other hand, went to the library to study, then went to play raquetball with a buddy. During the game, I had a glass of wine and watched "The Saint". I had a marvelous time alone. From what I heard on Monday, I didn't miss a whole lot. (I never do).

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