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The Front Desk Jealous Cow, has yet again, managed to sustain some sort of odd injury or sickness AND CALL IN SICK. This might not be quite so frustrating if she did not pull this stunt at LEAST once every other week. Bare minimum.

For awhile, I was bluntly refusing to fill in for her, mainly because I was getting behind on my work, but, since we are SEVERELY short-staffed today and some other overworked person was going to have to fill in, I sweetly said I would. For a little bit. Merely because, around here, it doesn't matter how important your job is, or how urgent, they pretend front desk is so FRICKIN' important. Our Vice President has covered it. That is not equal opportunity that is INSANE. I digress. FOUR HOURS LATER, Sarah sits at the front desk mentally going over the list of things she has to do before she leaves early today. I AM SO GOING OUT OF MY MIND. I am on the verge of a serious fit of anger, nay, sheer thirst for the blood of Jealous Cows.

Not only am I very upset, I am hungry taboot. Hungry for hamburger.

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  1. Blogger Rick 

    sarcasm aside (or at least a few inches to the left?), have you ever wondered why someone takes a day off each week? it might be nothing, but it might be something, and it might be something big. life is funny for each of us, and where you might feel frustrated, someone else might be just trying to survive.

    just a thought - hope you still get out on time and don't have to do that again.

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