something i cannot reiterate enough:

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i have the coolest family--ever.

please don't bother me with you petty arguements that your dysfunctional family who gets drunk together on holidays rivals our merry little band of ministrels. because, they just don't. i don't think i can ever express or describe how much i love my family. or how incredible i find them all. the just rock out with their, er, socks out.

i love them all--equally of course. i will probably end up naming my kids after them all in some way shape or form, just because i'm odd like that. but today's featured member is fredd.

fredd: where do i start with the kid? first off, see the two d's? that was his idea. something i have to say i think is super fantastic. fredd is paticularly near to my heart because i've watched him grow from the sniveling brat of a kid whom i used to beat the snot out of, into a brother who articulates his thoughts and challenges my ideas. someone i consider a friend. and someone who i can count on making my heart burst with pride everytime i talk about him. i guess it's the closest thing i'll have to parental pride until i start to force lil' tricycle motors out the ole' birth canal. don't ask me why, considering the closest thing i did to mother him was feed him unlimited amounts of potatoe soup. but, i feel a certain protectiveness regarding him and the harse elements of life, that, towards others i'd normally happily feed them to. for instance? swirling blades? sure kids, stick your fingers in! see what happens! with fredd? keep limbs far away please! see the love? see what i'm talking about? true motherly love right there. i want to name one of my kids fredd one day. actually it will be: fredderick. i love that. sometimes i cry because i miss him and his funniness. and i don't cry--really. crying is for sissies. but hey! i'll be a sissy for fredd. hmm. think that could be a shirt. anyway. when i say i love that kid fiercely--i mean it. he's within the very small limited group of people i would happily and cheerfully give a body organ/limb/skin graft/life to.* anyway. i miss him. that's that.

*some restrictions do apply.

5 Responses to “something i cannot reiterate enough:”

  1. Anonymous Memphis Steve 

    You do seem to have a pretty cool family.

  2. Anonymous Memphis Steve 

    You do seem to have a pretty cool family.

  3. Anonymous Memphis Steve 

    Blogger is hosed today, by the way, in case you were wondering why I posted the same comment twice.

  4. Anonymous lauryl 

    awww...i can relate on the whole crying over missing the fam thing. i feel like a pussy, but sometimes i miss those crazy-wonderful peeps way too much.

  5. Anonymous jessica 


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