Real Women Drive Trucks

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That is what the bumper sticker read of a truck I passed who's driver was a rather, um, shall we say, curvy female. And perhaps, it explains the strange phenominon of the whistles, horns, catcalls and engine revving I get everytime I drive a truck.

I had to haul several large items to the Goodwill after cleaning out my room. So, I hopped into the truck, four-inch heels, pencil skirt and all. As if this were not interesting enough, apparently I missed a session in The Lessons Of Seduction 101. EVERY SINGLE TIME I apply lipstick in the car it garners some of the most lewd reactions. So, I was a truck-driving, lipstick wearing, real woman.

Can I get a degree in that?

7 Responses to “Real Women Drive Trucks”

  1. Blogger Paul 


    Makeup is to be placed on thy face in their lovely abode.


    Putting make up on IN the car/vehicle causes accidents. Last night I saw an accident...a woman putting on that stuff on the eyelashes totally rear-ended attention and accidents do not happen!

    And they say Guys are the cause of accidents....Insurance companies need to be out more.

  2. Blogger Porkchop 

    Paul. I would like to point out that I am very skilled in the makeup application department and do not have to use a mirror.

    So. My eyes remain on the road just as much as if I were driving normally. (Which isn't all that much, I must admit.)

  3. Blogger QOS 

    i apply most of my makeup while driving and have NEVER had an accident as a result.

  4. Blogger Robin 

    Any chick worth her salt doesn't really need the mirror to apply most types of cosmetics. Men don't know anything!

  5. Blogger Walker 

    Lets see men eat , drink , talk on the cell , dig under th seat for that CD they dropped.Some men even let go the steering wheel turn around in the seat to look out the back window to get another look at the hottie they just passed and if they were men that wore make up ( not me in particular unless it came of the GF lips ) they'd do that too . So keep lookin good and keep on truckin .

  6. Blogger Life is better blonde 

    I would be happy to try and find you the one I saw last week..."silly boys, trucks are for girls";)

  7. Blogger Porkchop 

    Just for the record: I AM NOT THE TRUCK DRIVING TYPE.

    More, the being chauffered around type.

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