Tonight's The Night The World Begins Again

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My first day of real school I was sixteen years old and it was also my first day of college. It was Psychology 101 and was taught by a frizzy haired woman named Patty whose last name I could never pronounce or remember.

At first I liked school. Sort of. I got to sit there with my notebook and scribble copious notes. Then I realized this was a waste of time and attention. She gave us handouts with all the notes neatly typed. It got easier. Before all our big exams she would give us all the questions so we could "study". In all fairness she did give us three extra credit questions which she wouldn't reveal before the test.

I hated school pretty quickly.

I decided I was a "hands-on" learner and the whole school thing wasn't for me. Yeah. I was too cool for school! My mind was not to be sullied by the conventional halls of learning. I was going to go out and get a job! Climb my way to the top with my skillz and hardwork.

My father in all his infinate wisdom did not force me to stay in school. He didn't wring his hands and weep. He didn't roll his eyes and say "we'll see how long you last". He told me if that was what I wanted, he would support me in it.

Three and a half years later, I've learned alot. I've tried a variety of things. I've written a slew of stories. I've gained more perspective than I could hope.

I used to think that my early entrance into college was my "edge". I was ahead of my peers and it made me seem like some sort of child genius. Now that I have effectively removed that head-start with my years of dawdling I can simply concentrate on being average.

But I'm excited. I feel like the world is mine to conquer again. Dreams are mine to achieve. Direction is mine to take.

When I told my Dad this, a slow and wise smile spread across his face "and that's what the whole point was".

I feel hope. I feel alive. I've found better days.

7 Responses to “Tonight's The Night The World Begins Again”

  1. Anonymous steelcowboy 

    And may your father's wise counsel manifest itself in his intelligent offspring :)

  2. Anonymous jon37 

    "I feel like the world is mine to conquer again. Dreams are mine to achieve. Direction is mine to take."

    Sounds like visions of world dominations... or maybe you are just thinking of the guys......

  3. Anonymous Vulgar Wizard 

    Best of luck to you with your studies.
    What do you want to be when you grow up? *w*

  4. Anonymous Memphis Steve 

    That's cool! I can't wait to hear the stories of the rush parties and all the people you're going to meet. And of course the goofy professors.

    Congrats to you!

  5. Anonymous Memphis Steve 

    I could swear I wrote a comment here. And yet ...

    Anyway, congratulations to you! I can't see you guys staying there where you are, unhappy and not feeling as if you fit, when you have so much potential and so much obvious intelligence. I hope you do well and enjoy it. And most of all I hope you find what you really want to do and where you want to be. Your life can be so much more.

  6. Anonymous Memphis Steve 

    Well, I've tried twice now to post a comment here. I don't know what's wrong with Blogger, but it won't let me. Let's see if this one goes since it lost my first 2.

  7. Anonymous Memphis Steve 

    Ah, you wouldn't even know I graduated college from this example here, would you? But let this be an object lesson for you, choose your college carefully or you too may one day end up leaving endless posts on the internet saying "I could have sworn I wrote something here a minute ago. Damn!"

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