Behold, The Power Of Breasticles!*

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Part of my job involves crossings a very busy highway on a regular basis. With beach weather approaching and all, part of my job now involves standing at the side of a highway for a very long time while waiting for a lull in traffic. Simply because I'm female and have free flowing hair, I get occasional honks and hollers. But today was a defining moment in my traffic watching days. Two Mac trucks stopped abreast, full of screaming waving men, so I could totter across the now stilled highway without spilling a drop of my morning coffee.

Good to know these things will have been well-used even if I don't have children.

*The origin of breasticles involves a very long story which includes my little brother, screaming it at the top of his lungs and embarassed company.

8 Responses to “Behold, The Power Of Breasticles!*”

  1. Anonymous QOS 

    that's. . .flattering. . .maybe?

  2. Anonymous steelcowboy 

    We all have assets, er...

  3. Anonymous Joi 

    My breast-er best friend and I say breasticles all the time and we thought we were the only ones!!

  4. Anonymous Kat 

    I can see a movie scene developing from the incident. Charming, stylish brunette dramatically pauses at a busy intersection in Paris (a bit more romantic than a highway; call it artistic expression or artist's interpretation). Gracefully balancing a chic dose of java in one hand, she waits. But only for a moment. As if on cue, the speeding rows of cars drift to a halt as the collective jaw of morning traffic half a city block down stop, drop, and shatter. Aristocratically unaware of the devastation her fine figure has wrought upon the intersection, beautiful brunette daintily trips across in peep-toed vintage pumps.

    To avoid the video gamer twist, I avoided giving said brunette Lara Croft knockers.

  5. Anonymous Dave 

    I'm pretty sure that they will be well used (enjoyed) regardless of children (in the marriage, of course).

  6. Anonymous rape stories 

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  7. Anonymous gay rape 

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  8. Anonymous forced sex 

    Wellcome to the real world.

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