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Lately, I've been developing a little list of man things I secretly like. You know, thing that good aloof girls like me aren't supposed to enjoy. Beer, speaking straight to the point, remote controls. You know, all those horrible things I used to eschew. Anyway. Today I experienced something I never thought I would understand.


Oh yeah, baby. My father has a lawn mower which cost roughly three times as much as my car. This thing is... beautiful. It drives faster than you can mow. When I first clambered onto the seat and grasped the controls, I was more than a little scared for my life. At first I took down a few small trees, gouged some holes into the turf and took out half a boxwood. But as I drove and got used to it, I realized how much fun this thing is!

Two and a half hours, a major case of sunburn and no more grass left to mow, I was hooked. I wanted more grass! More space! I wanted a obstacle course to maneuver this thing! I wanted this to be a part of my Dad's list of manly requirements: Take Huge Grass Mowing Machine Through Obstacle Course Sucessfully. (Among other things on his list of What You Need To Do To Be A Man are jumping off a bridge, taking a truck with a trailer attached backwards through a obstacle course, eating raw oysters and going head to head over theology.)

What really scared me was when Dad said "Go down to Central Tractor and sit on some of those cheap toy lawnmowers" and I totally could see why. So we could laugh and scoff about our superior mower.

I'm scared now. Really, really scared.

3 Responses to “I Get It, I Think”

  1. Anonymous steelcowboy 

    You should look into lawnmower racing...

  2. Anonymous QOS 

    by the way, the Hustler Z-Turn is a totally sweet ride and it's also one of the few lawnmowers in its class with dual cupholders.

  3. Anonymous Ashley 

    I wanted you to know that I had to cut the grass for my dad yesterday with his new Cub Cadet. I would not call it the Cadillac of lawnmowers. I would not even call it the Cavalier of lawnmowers. I was thinking of you and grew jealous of your superior lawnmower. Then I realized that my tractor wouldbe one of the ones you scoffed at Central Tractor. Now I'm scared. Really scared.

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