things i'm obsessed with/things' i'm disenchanted with

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-red stripe beer/corona. red stripe is cute! and good tasting! and makes me feel vaguely original. corona taste like mexican pee. or what i would imagine mexican pee to taste like.

-my haircolor/the idea of me ever being blonde. i am in utter love and adoration of my hair. it's beautiful. and rich. and shiny. pray tell, why did i ever think i looked good as a blonde?

-white pants/khakis. i adore white pants. white is so fresh. and preppie. and summery. khakis are so... madonna/missy elliot/sarahjessicaparker. i have yet to find a pair that look good on me.

-aviators/oversized sunglasses. aviators give everything a nice edge. oversized sunglasses were cool, once. before all these little mkate&ashley clones thought it would be cool to wear them. gah. please. i'd like parts of my face to see the sun.

-pastawitholiveoilandherbs/spaghetti and sauce. last weekend, i visited my mother and her employer, who has lived in italy most of his adult life. they taught me this beautifully simple, yet delicious dish. you toss aldente spaghetti with olive oil, fresh basil, feta, minced garlic and grape tomatoes. to die for. as long as you aren't planning on kissing anyone. spaghetti and sauce? stains those aforementioned white pants.

-googoodolls let love in/dixiechicks long way around. i adore every single song on the goo goo dolls new album. the dixie chicks? not so much. i felt so unpatriotic buying the album of the bush bashing babes, but i loved the single. and now, i'm paying the price. a few of the songs are good, but as a whole, i'd leave it rather than take it.

-british exclamations/swearing. swearing is so not cool. actually, swearing IS cool. it's just a really bad habit i need to break. i'm trying to replace all my swear words with fairly innocuous and children friendly words such as "bloody" and "bollocks". however. it isn't going too well. stressful moments normally go something like this:

"shit. shit. shit. wait. no. dammit! DAMNIT! no. wait. um. i'm not swearing. um. dam--. gah. drat. bloody. hell. wait! no!"

yeah. i need some faux expletive suggestions. i know that kind of defeats the whole purpose of not swearing. but really, it's just to be a good auntie. and to avoid sounding distinctly like a sailor.

-torturingmen/aiding and abetting the clingy. i swore off torturing for awhile. i felt bad! HA! you know what they say about nice guys finishing last? nice GIRLS finish last. they are stuck with barriages of needy text messages pleading for conversation. draining little stalkers who don't even justify their existance by bringing coffee. (starbucks boy is back. but he thinks he is cool now and doesn't need to bring me coffee to justify my time. I THINK NOT!)

-hymns/ccm. ccm (contemporary christian music, for those of you that are unfamiliar) was nice for awhile. but i'm tired of it. quite tired. i'm tired of the songleaders who repeat chorus after chorus in attempts to sound more spiritual. i'm tired of the lack of harmony. i'm tired of the melodies that sound disturbingly the same and generic. sometimes there is nothing like a few hymns that have been around for the ages. hymns that have stood the test of time and faith. hymns that have been sung by the persecuted christians before us. songs that remind us of the legacy of faith left to us.

-colinfirth pride&prejudice/kieraknightly pride&prejudice. i'm not going to start out with the arguement that for the rain scene alone, colin firth wins. (even if he does.) i'm just going to point out that mr.darcey was weedy and awful in the p&p. alot of the subtle nuances that were depicted in the old one, were missed in the new. their words had to be more animated and facial gestures more violent to try and properly depict the subtle dialouge since their acting rather sucked. i really don't understand why kk was nominated for academy awards for this film. i was thoroughly bored.

-minimal makeup/lots of makeup. i am currently enchanted with wearing as little makeup as possible and still looking human. however, i need to find a happy medium. my darling sister asked if i was wearing any makeup at all. yet, the video store lady complimented me on my flush beauty. i'm trying to make the difference between the real me and the painted me minute. as in, if people see me with makeup off, they won't immediately run screaming. however, i'm quite sure this obsession will pass.

10 Responses to “things i'm obsessed with/things' i'm disenchanted with”

  1. Anonymous Ashley 

    When you find a pair of white pants/khakis that you like... do tell! I love the look/hate the way I look in them.

  2. Anonymous Porkchop 

    I have the most lovely pair by Limited right now. (hello, marshalls!) You should definately check it out, they had several pairs. They make you look long and lean.

    Must pair with snazzy espadrilles that make your feet hurt like the dickens.

  3. Anonymous QOS 

    Just for the record, the only thing Red Stripe has going for them is their commercials.

  4. Anonymous Porkchop 

    How dare you! How dare you insult the name of Red Stripe! What have ye against it? Speak now or forever hold your peace.

  5. Anonymous vdoprincess 

    For some cool hymnishness, check out fernando ortega. He does a lot of lovely takes on classic hymns of the faith that aren't the whole "choir roaring at full volume" effect.

  6. Anonymous Ashley 

    I love shoes that make my feet hurt like the dickens.

  7. Anonymous vdoprincess 

    If it doesn't hurt, it's probably not worth wearing.

  8. Anonymous QOS 

    Beauty is pain, pain beauty.
    That is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.

    Red Stripe just isn't that tasty.

  9. Anonymous lara 

    about the makeup thing, me too.

    but i wear lots of makeup to make it seem like i'm not wearing any.

    good example: my xanga pic. loads of it. but can ya tell? nooooo. YAY I WIN. ;)

  10. Anonymous Kirsten (Clint's Cousin) 

    Totally agree with this statement!!!
    "i'm tired of the songleaders who repeat chorus after chorus in attempts to sound more spiritual"

    I get so excited at church when they bring back some of the older hymns. They don't have to be sung in a droll manner!! Kick up the beat and sing those harmonies!

    I like reading your blog--you make me laugh. :-)

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