Laughing Like A Crazy Woman

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Because there is blood spattered on my windshield from where I ran over a bird. It's a nice touch with the dangling fog lamp that was the memory of dead geese past.

I would advise you not to let me sit your children. Or pets.

11 Responses to “Laughing Like A Crazy Woman”

  1. Anonymous joy 

    I've always wanted to hit a bird. Every time I drive through a flock, I try to hit them but the airstream saves them at the last moment. One day, one day...

  2. Anonymous lara 

    bahahaha. remind me to tell you my pet stories.

    horrible, ghastly demises. violence. even a toilet.

  3. Anonymous joy 

    On gory pet stories..."hamster" and "vacuum cleaner" should never be in the same sentence together.

  4. Anonymous Andrew 

    Our maintenance guy ran over a flightless bird yesterday - on purpose. The bird had flown into a glass window, hit the ground and couldn't fly. He happened to be cutting the grass at the time. One maniacal laugh and tons of feathers later.......the bird was no more.

  5. Anonymous queenofslackers 

    we have photos of our family car liberally splashed with dripping blood from when we attempted to kill catfish with blunt hatchets.

  6. Anonymous chigbee 

    Just what does a goose to a car upon impact?

  7. Anonymous joy 

    apparently, chiggerboy, it causes fog lights to dangle.

    I must say, I am quite envious of her geese depopulating skills. Oh, that I will one day be able to make such a significant contribution to society as she.

    Now that I think of it, this sister of mine is all about the depopulating. From castrating cats to mowing down geese to poaching deer, she seems to have a vendetta for animals in general. And to that, I say, rock on.

  8. Anonymous Pauly 

    Would you consider "watching" the kids down the street from me? Or, better....just come visit me - they're always playing in the street...

  9. Anonymous MeAhna 

    (Uh, havent been here in a while where did your pictures go?)

    I ALWAYS hit birds.

  10. Anonymous schmims 

    Awesome! I hate, loathe, and detest birds. I've been pooped on three times!

  11. Anonymous jon37 

    A book for you- no wait, maybe you wrote it?

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